Reclosing Protocols

Spring 2023 Covid Guidelines
Reclosing Protocols: CUNY’s Guide for Safely Closing On-Campus Operations

Although it is no longer a New York State requirement, CUNY will continue to monitor campus infection rates. CUNY Central Office will consult with campus leadership to determine the best course of action for scaling back campus activity.

The SLU Campus will continue to monitor NYS COVID-19 infection rate metrics and local testing metrics that will determine the need to scale back or shut down campus operations. In addition, SLU will continue to monitor community spread and adhere to CDC guidance in determining any additional safety protocols required for safe, in-person operations.  SLU will continue to use the health triggers (Figure 7, Table 2) outlined in our Reopening Plan and consult with CUNY’s Reclosing Protocols: CUNY’s Guide for Safely Closing On-Campus Operations.

Final decisions on shutting down particular buildings/areas within campuses, individual campuses, or multiple campuses, as appropriate, will be made by the Chancellery/COO’s Office in consultation with local/State authorities.

Campus closures or partial closures will be communicated via CUNY emails, SLU website, Student Newsletter, and the CUNY Alert system (see Figure 6, Reporting to SLU Community in Appendix of Reopening Plan).