Masks are to be worn while on campus.  CDC has indicated that all vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals must wear a mask indoors.

A mask will be provided at the health screening stations located by the entrances to each floor, if needed.

CUNY employees and students are able to access any CUNY Testing site to get their free COVID test.

SLU employees and registered SLU students are eligible to borrow a laptop for the duration of the term.  Please review the SLU Laptop Loaner Program for more information.

Please follow all SLU protocols when accessing the campus to pick up the laptops.

We have designated the following classrooms for employees and students to use while on campus. Please email Roomreservation@slu.cuny.edu at least two weeks in advance to reserve a seat in one of the rooms.  Seating will be reserved in two hour increments.

Below is the list of rooms that have been reserved for:

  • Quiet Student Study Room: 19th floor classroom 1923, 19D, student computer lab
  • Lobby area: 19th floor, 18th floor
  • In-person Meeting rooms: 19th floor conference room; 18A-18D & 19B & 19C classrooms prior to the start of classes

If you feel sick while on campus, we ask that you immediately inform your advisor via email and leave the campus. If you are unable to leave the campus immediately, we have reserved the follow classrooms as isolation rooms for you to use while you wait to be picked up:

  • Isolation Rooms: 18th floor classroom 1804, 19th floor classroom 19A, throughout the hours of operation

Hand sanitizing stations are located by entrances to the campus, in common areas, and inside classrooms.

  • Everyone using the shared printers, pantries, and water coolers must use hand sanitizers before using any items.
  • Please bring your own water jug to use the water coolers, cups are no longer being provided.

If you receive a positive PCR COVID test result or you are exposed to a person who tests positive for COVID, please report the case to our SLU Coronavirus Liaison per the reporting structure below. Make sure to provide your full name and a telephone number where we can reach you.

Table 1. Coronavirus Team Contact Information (updated):

Roles SLU Staff Emails Telephone



·         Jeff Rickman, IT Director

·         Ralph Tricoche, IT

·         Additional Screeners and Back-up Screeners









·         Burt Sacks, Assoc. Dean of Administration and Operations

·         Gladys Palma de Schrynemakers, Assoc. Dean of Academic Affairs









·         Burt Sacks, Assoc. Dean of Administration and Operations

·         John Conway, Human Resource Manager

·         Nelly Benavides, Deputy to Assoc. Dean Sacks








CAMPUS LOCATION VACCINE AUTHORITY (LVA) & TESTING ADMINISTRATOR ·         Laurie Grimes, Registrar (Student Records)

·         John Conway, Human Resource (Faculty and Staff Records)

·         Laurie.grimes@slu.cuny.edu

·         John.Conway@cuny.edu


·         Laurie Grimes: 646-313-8415

·         John Conway: 646-664-3277

See pdf HERE