Prior to arriving on campus

SLU strongly encourages employees, students, and guests to:

  • stay home if you are sick,
  • get a COVID-19 vaccination or receive a negative COVID test result (registered students taking in-person classes are required to show proof of COVID vaccination)
    • unvaccinated individuals are required to participate in CUNY’s weekly testing program and continue to wear a face mask, more information will follow,
    • individuals can get a COVID-19 test by visiting the CUNY’s test sites
    • negative COVID test results have to be within 7 days of receiving them
  • make an appointment to visit the campus with department staff or Facilities, and reserve a meeting room or seat ( )
  • follow CUNY protocols
  • Setup VaxPASS
  • follow the Reporting to Campus protocols (see Figure 2 in Appendix of Reopening Plan).


One-Time VaxPass Setup

Note: If you already have the Everbridge app installed, make sure you close it and start a fresh session. Proceed to step 6 of the following instructions.

If you don’t already have the Everbridge app:

  1. Navigate to the App store on your phone and search for Everbridge. Download, install, and open the Everbridge app.
  2. Click Find an Organization or subscription button on the Everbridge splash page.
  3. Search for CUNY. Select the CUNY – Health Screening Do not choose NYAlert.
  4. You will be taken to the CUNY Web Applications Login page. Log in using your CUNY Login credentials (Username:
  5. Set your notification preferences. Click the Done 
  6. Within the Everbridge app, click the Shield icon in the bottom right corner.
    If you do not see the Shield icon, restart the Everbridge application.
  7. Click the VaxPass 
    If you do not see the VaxPass icon, restart the Everbridge application.
    If you still do not see it upon restarting, please notify your Campus Helpdesk.
  8. Click Submit. You will see a “You’ve successfully submitted your form” banner.
  9. You will receive a notification of a new message in your Feed within a few minutes.
  10. Your Access Approved confirmation token will be available within your Everbridge Feed. Open the VaxPass confirmation token for review by the CUNY Screener when you are entering a CUNY location.

The VaxPass will display the following information:

the current date

your First and Last Name

CUNY Vaccine Pass Approval Confirmation

an Approved icon in green text

an Expiration Date (currently set at 12/31/21, but to be adjusted to 1 year from your last vaccination date)

the pass Approval Date and Time

VaxPass also includes the reminder – “You may enter the CUNY facility. When you arrive, you will need to have this notification ready.”

If you do not have a smartphone, a kiosk will be setup at the campus.  More information will follow.

In-Person Meetings/Campus Use:

Meetings can only take place by appointment only and in reserved meeting spaces. Students are also welcome to use the campus by reserving a seat in one of our spaces.  Reserved seating will be available in two hour increments.  Please reserve your meeting space or seating at least two weeks in advance by emailing .


☐   Step 1: Upload proof of vaccination information into CUNYfirst or receive negative COVID test result at any CUNY testing sites

☐   Step 2: Setup your VaxPass

☐   Step 3: Setup Appointment with department directly, or Setup Appointment with Facilities to use campus facility by emailing at least two weeks prior to your intended visit

☐   Step 4: Faculty/Staff- reserve meeting space via ; Students- reserve seating to use campus facilities via; wait for appointment confirmation and room/seat reservation confirmation

☐   Step 5: Upon arrival: Wear a mask, Show proof of vaccination/negative COVID test result,  and Appointment Confirmation (Registered students attending in-person classes will need to show proof of registration for the class)

Upon arrival, everyone must visit the Health Screening Stations and:

  • wear a mask while on campus,
  • show proof of COVID vaccination or a negative COVID test result (Students taking in-person classes are required to show proof of vaccination to access the campus),
  • unvaccinated individuals will be required to participate in CUNY’s weekly testing program, and must continue to wear face masks, more information will follow,
  • registered students will also need to present proof of registration,
  • show proof of confirmed appointment,
  • follow the Reporting to Campus protocols per Reopening Plan