The grade of “P” or “NC” may be given as part of a ‘Pass/No Pass/No Credit’ agreement between a student and instructor. In order to receive this grade, a student needs to continue participating in academically related activities, complete all assignments, and take the final exam. If a passing grade is earned (A+ through D-), the student will receive a grade of ‘P’ and credit for the course with no impact on GPA. If a failing grade is earned (F), the student will receive a grade of NC/NP which does not affect the GPA. Students must remain in compliance with Federal and State Satisfactory Academic Progress guidelines.

Students requesting grading according to this system must still satisfy all requirements regarding attendance, assignments, and examinations set by the instructor. Course requirements and standards are the same as in the letter grading system, but P/NC grades carry no quality points and therefore are not counted when a student’s GPA is calculated by the College/School.

Students must consult with their advisors to confirm course is available for P/NC option. Students must declare P/NC by the “Last day to drop a course with a grade of W” as listed in the Academic Calendar. Completed Pass/No Credit Option Election Form must be submitted via email to


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