Support for education is often a benefit of union membership. In some cases, funds are available through the union’s contractual agreement with employers, in other cases support is provided from the union treasury. The delivery of education support packages varies from voucher systems, to tuition reimbursements (upon successful completion of courses), to outright grants and scholarships. The amount of assistance and the details of how to access these funds can change over time, so please contact your union and/or employer to see if you are eligible for financial support.

Some of the programs and links are listed below:

  • DC37:  The union’s education fund provides up to $800 per year in tuition reimbursement. It also covers full tuition for members who enroll in the Murphy Institute’s 16-credit Cornell/CUNY Certificate in Labor Relations. For more information about these and other financial assistance programs available from the union.
  • CWA 1180: Education benefits include college tuition reimbursement of up to $200 per semester and a book allowance of $25 per semester.  Members who enroll in the School of Labor and Urban Studies’ Urban Leadership program (either at the mid-Manhattan facility or at Queens College) or the Masters of Arts in Labor Studies will receive full tuition grants for up to 24 credits on the undergraduate or graduate degree level.
  • 1199SEIU:  The joint labor-management Training and Upgrading Fund provides tuition for a range of customized college courses.
  • PEF:  Members can apply for full or partial reimbursement for up to two qualifying courses. Scholarships are also available.
  • CSEA Local 1000:  This education fund’s vouchers cover the tuition of one course per semester.
  • SSEU Local 371:  Scholarships are awarded for study in the Labor Studies programs.
  • UFT: Scholarship program for new teachers and clinicians provides selected individuals an opportunity to pursue a Master’s Degree exchange for a service commitment to work in a high-need New York City public school.
  • TWU Local 100:  A joint labor-management fund reimburses up to $4,000.

Remember to contact your Union and/or Employer to see if you are Eligible For Financial Support.