No, you are not required to apply for a loan, only to fill out the application, which helps to determine need.

No, not at this time. Certificate seekers, BA students, recipients of the Joseph S. Murphy Scholarship for Diversity in Labor, Community Semester, and Union Semester students are not eligible. The scholarship is available only to students enrolled in a master’s degree program.

Yes, you can apply for the scholarship as you apply for admission. If you are admitted and awarded the scholarship, the funds must be used for the semester specified in your application for admission.

Yes, if you are enrolled in at least three credits.

Awards will be made by decision of the respective program Scholarship Committee.

Yes. Preference will be given to residents of the City of New York and the State of New York. Out-of-state students are also eligible for awards up to the resident student tuition rate.

No, although the academic director of your program will monitor your academic progress to ensure you remain in academic good standing. By submitting your application, you also agree to allow the School of Labor and Urban Studies to feature you and your work on the SLU blog, similar to past recipients.

Applicants will receive initial notification via email by the beginning of the semester.

Scholarships will be credited directly to recipients’ tuition liability by the CUNY SLU Bursar after the last day of the semester to drop classes. Questions about your individual Financial Aid package should be directed to