Here’s what Murphy students are saying about their work with our consultants in Spring ’18:


The CUNY SLU Writing Center offers students one-to-one help on any writing project, at any stage of the writing process.

One of just a few writing centers in the country designed specifically to meet the needs of working adults, the CUNY SLU Writing Center is staffed by professional consultants who encourage your work and help you build on your strengths.


A Writing Center consultation can take many forms – from brainstorming an argument to polishing a references page. Usually, though, a writing consultant will read and respond to your work, offering concrete advice and, crucially, encouragement. Our writing consultants are all experienced classroom teachers, but, unlike your professors, they won’t give you a grade. Instead, they’ll give you what almost any writer needs in order to do her best work – a compassionate first read that identifies strengths as well as areas to develop. Consultations can be in-person, on the phone, or online, via chat.

Reading & Writing Support Groups

We created Reading and Writing Support Groups to provide a forum where you’ll feel comfortable asking questions about reading and writing that you didn’t want to – or get to – ask in class. The facilitator will introduce models of successful writing, and you’ll have a chance to share and receive feedback on your work from the group (sharing your work is not required). Select “Reading and Writing Support Groups” from the dropdown on our schedule to sign up.

Written Feedback

Does my thesis make sense? Have I arranged my paragraphs in a logical order? Do my in-text citations look right?

These are the kinds of questions that we can help answer through Written Feedback, which may be a good option if you’re short on time and you don’t feel like you need to have a probing conversation about your paper.

To request Written Feedback, select the Written Feedback calendar on the dropdown menu on our schedule, then follow the instructions for attaching your paper and submitting your questions. We can usually respond to your paper within two business days.

In-person, phone and online appointments last 45 minutes to allow consultants time to write session records.