The CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies Writing Center is guided by the following principles:

  • The Writing Center is a neutral, non-evaluative space.
  • The direction of one-to-one sessions should be driven primarily by student writers, who should be granted agency to use their time as they deem best suits their needs.
  • Writing Center sessions should provide writers a comfortable space for taking risks and asking questions.
  •  Writers thrive on encouragement. Our consultants strive to identify student writers’ strengths and to help them build upon them.
  • All Writing Center session notes are confidential unless the writer approves of our sharing of session notes.
  • We value our partnerships with faculty members, with whom we share the common goal of enhancing student learning over time.
  • A Writing Center session can provide an opportunity to identify and address errors in a student writer’s work, but writing consultants, writers, and faculty members should have reasonable expectations for the pace of a writer’s development and improvement.
  • Referrals from faculty members and advisors are vital in helping writers access our services, but when the Writing Center is asked to be part of the referral process, writers might not view the Writing Center as a neutral, non-evaluative space.